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Religious Icons

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SAINTS SERGIUS AND BACCHUS. Byzantine icon of Saint Sergius and Saint Bacchus, 7th century A.D.

RUSSIAN ICONS: THE TRINITY. By Andrei Rublev. Wood, 1411.

THE VIRGIN OF VLADIMIR. Russian icon painted at Constantinople, c1131.

RUSSIAN ICONS: THE SAVIOUR. By Andrei Rublev, c1400.

OUR LADY OF YEVSEMANISK. Russian icon, 16th century.

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THE ANNUNCIATION. Icon. Moscow School, Russia, 16th century.

THE SAVIOR. Icon from the Assumption Cathedral. 14th century.

ICON: ABRAHAM & ANGELS. Abraham and Sarah serving the three angels in the grove of Mamre (Genesis 18: 1-15): Byzantine icon, late 14th century.

SAINT JOHN CLIMACUS (550-649). Abbot of Mount Sinai. St John Climacus at the top rung of his Ladder of Heavenly Ascent. A late 12th century icon from Sinai.

ICONOSTASIS, 16TH CENTURY. Portable iconostasis of a Russian Orthodox church. Tempera on wood, early 16th century.

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RUSSIAN ICON: HELL. The Harrowing of Hell. Jesus and angels saving people from Hell. Tempera on wood Russian Orthodox icon, 16th century.

MOSES BEFORE BURNING BUSH. 12th century icon in St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai.

MOSES. Detail of late 13th century icon in Saint Catherine's Monastery, Sinai.

MADONNA ICON. Mosaic icon with the Virgin and Child, early 13th century, at St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai.

RUSSIA: ICON. Miracle of St. George and the Dragon. Roston-Suzdal School, Russia. Early 16th century.

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KHALKOPRATIYSKAYA VIRGIN. Icon from the Assumption Cathedral. 14th century.

ARAGON: JESUS & DISCIPLES. Jesus and His Disciples. Oil on wood by Jose Aragon, 1824-1835.

OUR LADY OF TENDERNESS. Icon. Novgorod School, Russia, mid-12th century.

RUSSIAN ICON: MARY. Our Lady of Kazan. Russian icon. Tempera on panel with fabric, silver, gold enamel pearls and precious stones, from the workshop of Aleksandra Makhalova, Moscow, 1896.

SAINT JEROME (340-420). Church scholar and translator. Illumination from the Breviary of Philip II of Spain, by the monks Julian de la Fuente el Saz and Andres de Leon, 16th century.

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SAINT NICHOLAS. Saint Nicholas of Myra or Thaumaturga. Byzantine icon.

SAINT GEORGE. Novgorod School, Russia. Early 15th century.

BYZANTINE ICON. Representing an archangel. 6th century.

MADONNA ICON, 13th CENTURY. Byzantine school, 13th century: Enthroned Madonna and Child. Wood.

MEMMI: MADONNA IN HEAVEN. Madonna in Heaven. Oil on panel by Lippo Memmi, 14th century.

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RUSSIAN ICON. Icon of The Synaxis or Assembly, of the Virgin. Moscow School, Russia. c1560.

SAINT LUKE. Icon of St. Luke (detail) by Master Apsalon Vujicic, 1672-73. Monastery of Moraca, Montenegro.

BYZANTINE ART: ST. MICHAEL. Gold and enamel jewel-studded icon of St. Michael.

ALEXIS THE GOD'S MAN. Fresco from the Assumption Cathedral. 15th century.

RUSSIAN ICON: THE SAVIOR. Icon from the Assumption Cathedral. The Savior not of Human Making. Early 15th century.

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ICON: ASSUMPTION CATHEDRAL. From the Assumption Cathedral: Archangel Michael appears to Iisus Navin. 13th century.

RUSSIA: ICON. Icon of The Synaxis, or Assembly, of the Virgin (detail). Moscow School, Russia, c1560.

OUR LADY OF DON. Moscow School, Russia. Late 14th century.

RUSSIAN ICONS: MICHAEL. The Archangel Michael. Moscow School. Mid-15th century.

VENEZIANO: ST. CATHERINE. Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Panel, c1360, by Lorenzo Veneziano.

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BESOZZO: ST. CATHERINE. Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine of Alexandria. St. Catherine kisses the hand of the infant Jesus, who is being held by the Virgin Mary. John the Baptist and Saint Anthony Abbot are in the background. Panel, c1404, by Michelino da Bessozzo.

IVAN IV VASILEVICH (1530-1584). Called Ivan the Terrible. Ruler of Russia as grand duke (1533-1547) and czar (1547-1584). Icon, Russian, 16th century.

THE METROPOLITAN ALEXIS. Saint Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow (d. 1378). Wood icon, c1480, by Dionisius.

RUSSIAN ICON: SAINTS. Three warrior saints. Tempera on wood Russian Orthodox icon, made in Moscow, early 16th century.


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