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PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1864. American cartoon from, or just after, the presidential campaign of 1864 showing the 'Rail Splitter' Abraham Lincoln and his running mate, Andrew Johnson, the Tennessee tailor, and pointing out the task of reconstruction which lay ahead.


MONEY LENDING, 1870. "I Gave Credit/I Sell for Cash": lithograph, 1870, by Currier & Ives.


CARTOON: VACCINATION, 1802. 'The Cow-Pock.' Satirical etching, 1802, by James Gillray on Edward Jenner and vaccination.


JAY GOULD CARTOON, 1882. An 1882 cartoon by Frederick Burr Opper of Wall Street as Jay Gould's private bowling alley.


CARTOON: OUTCOME, 1779. The horse 'America' throwing his master. An English satirical cartoon of 1779 predicting the outcome of the American Revolutionary War.

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NAPOLEON CARTOON, 1805. 'The Plumb-pudding in danger; - or State Epicures taking un Petit Souper.' Satirical etching, 1805, by James Gillray a propos of a peace overture from Napoleon, showing Napoleon and British Prime Minister William Pitt carving up the world.


ROOSEVELT CARTOON, 1904. 'Jack and the Wall Street Giants.' American lithograph cartoon by Udo Keppler, 1904, depicting a tiny President Theodore Roosevelt preparing to wield the sword of Public Service against the giants of Wall Street, represented by James J. Hill, J.P. Morgan, George Jay Gould, John D. Rockefeller, and Henry Oxnard.


BENITO MUSSOLINI CARTOON. 'The Triumph of Mussolini': cartoon by W. Schulz on Benito Mussolini's speech of 3 January 1925 establishing his full dictatorship in Italy.


A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND. Lithograph poster, 1948, by Ben Shahn for the Progressive Party, satirizing the popular 1945 photograph of Harry Truman playing a piano adorned by actress Lauren Bacall; here President Truman, the Democratic presidential candidate, is accompanied by Republican candidate Thomas E. Dewey.


REPUBLIC OF TURKEY: POSTER. The Republic of Turkey symbolized as an unveiled woman, leading the horse of the regime's founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Poster, c1925.

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T. ROOSEVELT CARTOON, 1909. American cartoon by Clifford Berryman, c1909, showing President Theodore Roosevelt slaying those trusts he considered "bad" for the public interest while restraining those whose business practices he considered "good" for the country.


JOIN OR DIE CARTOON, 1754. First American political cartoon, originally published by Benjamin Franklin in his Pennsylvania Gazette, 1754.


WORLD WAR II: COMIC BOOK. Captain Freedom and friends battle the Axis powers. American comic book cover concerning World War II, c1943.


CARTOON: THOMAS GAGE, 1774. A Political Lesson: an English mezzotint cartoon of 1774 suggesting the difficulties encountered by the English colonial governor of Massachusetts, Thomas Gage, in suppressing popular opposition to the Boston Port Bill and moving the government from Boston to Salem.


WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT (1857-1930). 27th President of the United States. 'Judge Speaks.' Judge, holding a paper reading 'Roosevelt policy,' scolds President Taft saying 'You're big enough to have your own policies - and they are good enough for the American people.' Cartoon from Judge, 1909.

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PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1880. James Garfield as the Republican party candidate for President on a lithograph poster by Currier & Ives, 1880.


CHINA: ANTI-WEST CARTOON. 'The Beating of the (foreign) Devils and the Burning of the (Christian) Books'. Anti-Western Chinese cartoon published at Hunan province, c1890.


T. ROOSEVELT CARTOON. 'World's Constable.' Cartoon by Louis Dalrymple, 1905, depicting President Theodore Roosevelt using his 'New Diplomacy' to police the world.


PRO-IMMIGRATION CARTOON. 'Welcome to All!' An 1880 American cartoon by Joseph Keppler in favor of unrestricted immigration.


CARTOON: PANIC OF 1893. An 1894 American cartoon by Louis Dalrymple on the business recovery following the Panic of 1893.

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CARTOON: CUBA, 1895. Some Time in the Future: prophetic American cartoon by Louis Dalrymple, 1895, of Uncle Sam comforting a distraught Cuba.


CARTOON: FRENCH WAR, 1798. Cinque-Tetes or the Paris Monster: an American cartoon of 1798 on the 'XYZ' Affair; the five-man Directory ruling France demands money at dagger's point from the American commisioners.


ELECTRICITY CARTOON, 1889. An American cartoon of 1889 on the new dangers posed by overhead electrical wiring on city streets.


MONROE DOCTRINE, 1896. American cartoon by F. Victor Gillam, 1896, invoking the Monroe Doctrine against Great Britain and other European powers at the time of the Venezuelan Boundary dispute.


SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, 1898. American cartoon by Louis Dalrymple, from 'Puck,' 1898, urging war with Spain to save Cuba.

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POPULIST PARTY CARTOON. A satire on the radical views and diverse membership of the Populist Party drawn by Bernhard Gillam for "Judge," June 6, 1891.


STAMP ACT: CARTOON, 1765. 'O! the fatal Stamp.' A warning inspired by the Stamp Act, printed in the 'Pennsylvania Journal,' 1765.


SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, 1896. 'The Cuban Melodrama.' American cartoon by C. Jay Taylor, 1896, casting Uncle Sam as the hero, Spain as the villain, and Cuba as the damsel in distress.


ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1889. 'The Rising of the Usurpers and the Sinking of the Liberties of the People.' An 1889 cartoon by Thomas Nast protesting the control exercised over the 'necessaries of life' by the trusts.


ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1879. 'The Modern Colossus of (Rail) Roads.' American cartoon by Joseph Keppler, 1879, attacking the railroad trust formed by William Henry Vanderbilt (top), Cyrus W. Field (bottom left) and Jay Gould (bottom right).

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RECONSTRUCTION CARTOON. 'The Strong Government/The Weak Government.' American cartoon, 1880, comparing the Reconstruction policies of President Ulysses S. Grant (left) and Rutherford B. Hayes.


T.JEFFERSON CARTOON, 1809. "Intercourse or Impartial Dealings". An American cartoon of 1809 by "Peter Pencil" showing President Thomas Jefferson being robbed by England (King George) and Napoleon as a result of Jefferson's embargo policy.


OFFICE HUNTERS OF 1834: President Andrew Jackson as a diabolical puppet-master hovering over and pulling the strings attached to a crowd of political office-seekers: American cartoon, 1834.


CARTOON: RED SCARE, 1919. 'Put Them Out and Keep Them Out.' A bearded Bolshevik creeping under the American flag. A contemporary American cartoon published during the 'Red Scare' of 1919.


NEW JERUSALEM CARTOON. 'Their New Jerusalem': cartoon by Hamilton from Judge magazine, 23 January 1892, calling New York the 'new' Jerusalem with the tremendous influx of Jewish immigrants from Russia; meanwhile, 'our first families' emigrate West.

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CARTOON: MONOPOLIES, 1883. 'The Tournament of Today.' American cartoon, 1883, depicting the unequal contest between labor and monopoly, the latter prominently supported by W.H. Vanderbilt, Cyrus W. Field, and Jay Gould.


CARTOON: IMMIGRATION, 1885. 'Columbia's Unwelcome Guests.' American cartoon by Frank Beard, 1885, showing unrestricted U.S. immigration policies encouraging the arrival of anarchists, socialists, and the Mafia from the sewers of Italy, Russia, and Germany.


OTTO VON BISMARCK (1815-1898). Prince Otto von Bismarck-Schonhausen . Prussian statesman. Bismarck as 'The European Equilibrist.' American cartoon, 1887.


MISSIONARY CARTOON, 1895. 'According to the Ideas of Our Missionary Maniacs': American lithograph cartoon by Louis Dalrymple, 1895, critical of British and American missionary efforts to convert the Chinese to Christianity.


FREE SILVER CARTOON, 1896. American cartoon by J.S. Pughe, 1896, suggesting that the Western Free Silverites had captured control of the Democratic party.

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WOODROW WILSON CARTOON. President 'Jack' Woodrow Wilson chops the tangled roots of high protection and brings down the giant monopoly. American cartoon, c1914.


FOOLISH FOREFATHERS, 1894. 'What Fools These Forefathers Were!' American cartoon, 1894, by Frederick Opper satirizing the desire of some descendants of immigrants to improve on their pedigree.


G. CLEVELAND CARTOON, 1896. An 1896 American cartoon by C. Jay Taylor urging a 'powwow' between President Grover Cleveland and British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury to resolve the Venezuelan Boundary dispute.


POLICE CORRUPTION CARTOON. 'The Police Version of It.' American cartoon, 1894, by Louis Dalrymple on police corruption.


FREE SILVER CARTOON, 1896. 'Last Ghost-Dance of the Free Silver Tribe.' Populists Tom Watson and William Jennings Bryan lead the war dance in this 1896 American cartoon by Louis Dalrymple.

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CONSTITUTION CARTOON. Mid-20th century American cartoon showing the stages from the Articles of Confederation to the Federal Constitution of 1787.


WEST POINT CARTOON, 1880. 'Running the Gauntlet' American cartoon, 1880, by J.A. Wales attacking the hazing of a black West Point cadet by his white classmates.


G. CLEVELAND CARTOON, 1896. American cartoon, 1896, by Louis Dalrymple showing Republican party leaders following a trail to the Gold Standard blazed by President Grover Cleveland.


CARTOON: MEXICAN WAR, 1846. 'Volunteers for Texas.' An 1846 American cartoon deriding sentiment for the war with Mexico.


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